The office has two major tasks of managing scientific researches and implementing international programs. Its former task is to help the rector board to manage all scientific research activities and experimental initiaties of the school faculties, staff and students, which serves the teaching, learning and techinical transfer to reality manufacturing process. The latter has main assignments on planning, implementing international acitivites with overseas training institutions, governmental and non-govermental organisations in accordance with Vietnamese laws.

Currently, HTCC is working with the World University Services of Canada (WUSC) in a project called Unitterra which started in 2009 and will be due in 2014. Being one of the eight strategic partners of WUSC in Vietnam, HTCC has contributed positively in the process of buiding capacity for Vietnamese youth to have more chances to have jobs in the changing labour markets domestically and internationally.

Following is the list of projects done by SICO:

  • Building the study program on Agriculture Product Conservation and Processing with the help of ITA, Quebec, Canada in 2002
  • Linkage with community - program advisory committee meeting for land micro rural land use planning development in 2003