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Established on 10th October, 1977, with 35 years of construction and development until now. It has trained high quality human resources which meet demands of the socio-economic development and international integration. Set up programmes, plans and hold training on Animal Husbandry under the management of Rector board, Party executive Committee. Implement scientific research essays, technology transfer to serve the training purposes and actual production in Hanoi region and the whole country.

There are nine staff members in the faculty, including eight  teaching staff and one lab keeper.


Full-time 3 year college

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Veterinary Services

Vocational school to full-time 3 year college transfer

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Veterinary Services

Vocational school

  • Animal Husbandry

Primary vocational school

  • Livestock breeding
  • Poultry breeding
  • Veterinary

In charge of training enterprise accounting for full- time 3 year college, transfer, vocational school and in-service degrees. Participate in training 3 -year college and vocational school levels in Finance and Accounting. Participate in scientific research. Manage students of Finance and Accounting majors.

The faculty has 13 members of staff, including 7 with BA, 6 with MSc, and 1 currently studying for MSc.

1. Name: The environment and natural resource faculty

          Professional training programs:

          1. Land management

          2. Environmental Engineering Technology

2. Mission and Goal

2.1 Mission

          The faculty is doing the main task as training human resources for management and professional knowledge in Land management and Environment; satisfy a need of learning, skill improvements and human resources development in above majors for community; is home to training linkage and applied technology advances so as to be put into land usage and management, environment protection and management and into manufacturing processes for social life

2.2 Goal


          Build up the faculty to become one of the prestigious human resources training centre which meets a need of high quality human resources for the State run managing bodies, Public service delivery units and Hanoi and surrounding region enterprises


          - Constantly innovate the content and training programs to meet the need of technological and technical development by developing training capacity-based program and gradually approach training programs regionally and internationally

          - Build up teaching and managerial staff with good morals, high career conscience, advanced professional knowledge and the effective method of management and teaching

          - Thoroughly implement new teaching and learning methods to make a positive start for learners

          - Increase time for practice and all-side linkage with state-run bodies, Public service delivery units, local enterprises including: build up training programs, evaluate training quality, create sites for practice and co-operate in teaching during training process

3. Teaching members and students

3.1 Leadership board:

          1/ Dean:                  Nguyen Van Vinh, MSc in land management

          2/ Unit secretary     Dam Van Hung, MSc in land management

         3.2. Subjects:

          1/ Lan Management

          2/ Environment

3.3. Professional Knowledge:

           - Teachers: 10 people (4 males and 6 females)

           - Professional level: MSc: 08 people; BA: 02 people

3.4. Students:

       There are 280 students in the faculty, including:   

       - Students of land management major: 188

       - Students of Environment engineering technology major:  92

4. Achievements

4.1. Training outcomes

          Since its first establishment, the faculty with two training majors has gained some achievement as follows

          - Students of land management major: completed 14 courses with the number of 668.

          - Students of Environment engineering technology major: the first course in 2009.

4.2. Scientific research

          Every year register and implement scientific research for both teachers and students

4.3. Credit and awards

          + in 2000, Got a merit certificate of  the Department of Education and Training.

          + in 2001, Got a merit certificate of  the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

          + in 2003, Got a merit certificate of Hatay People's Committee

          + in 2004, Got a merit certificate of Hatay People's Committee

          + in2005, got "the unit with excellent performance" title of HTCC

          + in 2005, the faculty student union got a merit certificate of Vietnam central student union

          + in 2007, Got a merit certificate of Hatay People's Committee

1. Name : the food technology faculty

Professional training programs for 3 year college with 3 majors: Food technology, Agricultural product Preservation and Processing, Post-harvesting Technology

2. Mission and Goals:

 *Mission : Train high quality human recourses in the field of Food technology, Agricultural product Preservation and Processing, Post-harvesting Technology in order to meet demands of the country economic development in the era of integration

* Goals:  the faculty development always go with the school one towards improve training quality and expanding professional majors in the field of food technology and taking part in higher levels of training

3. Teachers and staff

1/ Dean:                                   Mrs Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai - PhD in food technology

2/ president of unit trade union: Nguyen Thi Phuong Mai

3/ Student affairs management assistance:  Mr Doãn Huy Thành - MSc in food technology

- Teachers: 09 people (. males : 3,     females: 6)

- Technical staff:    01

- Professional level:

+ Nghiên cứu sinh: 1

+ Msc: 6

+ PhD: 1

 + Vocational diploma: 01

4. Achievements

* Training results: established since 1999 till now, the faculty has trained nearly 700 graduates in the fields of  Food technology, Agricultural product Preservation and Processing. They are all working in lots of manufacturing factories, enterprises and food processing companies. Despite a young new faculty, some graduates are holding key positions in some certain food processing companies

* Scientific research: Every year teachers and students have participated and completed some scientific research essays, especially a few essays done by students help to support their study. Thanks to that, students' professional knowledge and work ability have been improved, which make them more enthusiastic and passionate.

* Train practice ability:  this is the second focused tasked to improve practical skills for students. The faculty spends 400-600 hours to train practical skill for students in the school on-site workshops every year, which make graduates get high appreciation from food processing companies. In the last few years, post graduates have been recruited by big companies like Kinh Do, Hai Ha, Huu Nghi Bakery.etc..  

* Enterprise linkage: has lots of relationships with enterprises in the food processing industry to place internship for students

* Awards:

- 2001- 2002: Got a merit certificate of Hatay People's Committee

- In 2007: got "the unit with excellent performance" title from Hatay People's Committee

- From 2008 till now:  has got "the unit with good performance"

The Technical Technology Faculty is one of eight faculties established in 2008.  Its formation based on the basis of Electronics, Electrical and Computing subjects with the first two majors of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology and Applied Computing. Despite a young Faculty, it has contributed regularly to achievements and potential development on the education integration and development way  of HTCC and the country. In the 2009-2010 school year (one year after establishment), the faculty opened two new majors: Communication electronics engineering technology and Information Technology. On September 2010 changed the Computing major to Applied Computing

Mission and Goal


To train high quality human recourses in the fields of Communication Electronics Engineering Technology, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technology, IT and Applied computing. Become an applied research transferred advanced technologies center which closely goes with local community, society and enterprises and contributes to the causes of the socio- economic development of Hanoi city  and the surrounding regions


The faculty is under HTCC management with some functions like: teaching, scientific research, teacher’s training and staff management

Build up and manage HTCC website; update and receive information from units directly under HTCC and then edit that information to post on the school website.

Learning is varied in many ways like credit, distance learning, e learning and tutoring, which is convenient and helps to improve working skills, knowledge for students to meet demands of high quality human resources for the cause of the country modernization and industrialization


Build up teaching schemes for the mentioned majors; implement the training process and activities compatible to HTCC teaching plans; manage given majors; propose and build up draft program, detailed outline for credit to open new major

Manage teachers, students and staff according to the school hierarchical management system

Hold scientific and technological activities; positively explore collaborative projects; co-ordinate with science technology bodies, businesses; combine training to scientific research, business and social life; cooperate with training institutions internally and internationally

Compile programs and curricular, teaching documents given by the rector; better teaching and learing methods; propose plans for supplementing and maintaining learing equipments and implement scientific research;

Manage scores of the faculty majors.

Assign the faculty homeroom teachers.

Work with other departments to do the training and further training for the faculties

Base on the size of training and specific training majors, the dean submits decisions to the rector forming new subjects.

Act as a counselor to build up buying projects for lab equipments of IT, technical engineering technology and Communication electronics engineering technology.

Manage and maintaining and operate labs of electronics and computing majors.

Fix, maintain and set up other unit desktop computers in case of unexpected incidents.

Do other potential tasks given by the rector.

Classes :

  1. Computing 1 (2005-2008)

  2. Computing 2, electric – electronics 1 (2006-2009)

  3. Computing c 3, electric – electronics 2 ( 2007-2010)

  4. Computing 4, electronics 3 ( 2008-2011)

  5. Computing 1, Electronics 4, Telecommunication electronics 1 (2009-2012)

  6. Computing  2, Electronics 5, Telecommunication electronics 2 (2010 - 2013)

  7. Information Technology 3, Electronics 6 (2011 - 2014)


Formerly it was a subject under the Basic science faculty. It was established on the first of January 2010 under the decision on No 06/QD-CDCD by the rector of HTCC. It’s home to 9 teachers including 6 with Master degrees, and the rest will be being sent for further training. Currently there are 100 full-time students and in the future it’s going to open a new subject of Chinese language.


1. Mission

     Strive to become a training unit good at professional knowledge and organization; to be a prestigious place for people who learn foreign languages as a profession and who want to use  foreign languages as a tool to improve job effectiveness and to have more chances to have jobs

2. Duty

2.1. Learning-teaching matters:

         Build up and implement the faculty yearly training programs and plans

          Lecture English as an obligatory subject for students of other faculties such as the faculty of Economics and Business Administration, of Accounting and Finance, of Natural resource and environment, of Food Technology and of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary  

          Monitor the teaching and learning progress of courses; do any work related to credits sitting, internship and final exams.

2.2. Manage student affairs:

          Do the duty of managing students in accordance with MOET and HTCC regulations. Verify and award the graduation certificate, academic transcript and degree.

          Organize classes, appoint class junior-class member board and homeroom teachers under the rector decisions.

          Organize real study tours for students to get used to new teaching approaches so as to help improve learning - teaching process.

        Form records to evaluate learning and training results each semester; exam sitting files to training department, students' affairs

          Build up and implement student affairs every semester and every year in accordance with HTCC regulations. Apply appropriate policies for the faculty students; collaborate with other departments, faculties to manage students to better training quality.

2.3. Compile curricular and study programs:

          The faculty do the task under the assignment of the rector board and the school science council

2.4.Build up plans on training, improving professional knowledge for the teachers

         Build up plans on training, improving professional knowledge for the teachers and hand over to the rector for approval

2.5. Propose additional plans, teaching equipment maintenance, practice, internship and facility management given by HTCC.

          - One laboratory room for teaching listening           48 seats

          - One online learning room                                    40 seats

          - One computing practical room                             50 seats

The Basic science Faculty is one of the faculty established earliest right after HTCC formation (1977). It has an young member of staff enthusiastic about teaching career. It has two groups of subjects: the natural science and the social sciences and humanities. The former includes: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology; The later includes: Vietnamese language, General Law, Political Theory, Physical training education. The faculty has 3 labs on Chemistry, Physics and Biology equipped with good quality facilities. The teaching staff has 23 teachers (5 have Master degrees, 10 have Bachelor degrees, one office staff and the rest are doing Master degree). Six of them are working as teacher-cum-officer in other departments.   


          Provide knowledge in General education and professional knowledge  for students of all majors at HTCC; organize the scientific research for teachers and students


          The Basic Science Faculty is the school based administrative management unit which helps HTCC to implement the training process of General education in accordance with school training plans. Manage its staff and teachers under the rector classifications. Do scientific research, self-study, and deliver teaching competition to improve professional knowledge and teaching methods. The dean takes all responsibilities in front of the rector by law.


   -  Manage and do teaching tasks general subjects in accordance with General Education program for students of junior and senior college levels, transfer programs, part-time training on-and-off campus

   - Arrange teaching schedules and hold credit exam sitting for first year students.

          - Compile curriculums, lesson plans for basic subjects in general education programs for junior and senior college levels.

          - Manage the labs for physics and chemistry

          - Manage all the teachers and staff in its faculty, suggest commending and awarding for excellent staff in accordance with the school regulations. Care about the material and spiritual life of the faculty staff

          - Do other tasks assigned by the rector.


          - Merit list of Ministry of education and training in 2007.

          - Has got merit lists of Hanoi People Committee for several years.

          - Get merit certificate from the school every year.

          - one teacher has awarded the excellent teacher title from Prime Minister

          - The Unit trade union: always get the excellent title.